*BREAKING* Sting has reportedly signed a WWE legends contract*BREAKING* Sting has reportedly signed a WWE legends contract

*BREAKING* Sting has reportedly signed a WWE legends contract

By Matt Paglia


It’s time for “The Icon” to join the dark side. It was reported by Rob Feinstein of PWInsider.com and wrestlingrumors.net that the former WCW and TNA World Heavyweight Champion had signed a legends contract with WWE.

A legends contract would have Sting work some high profile events, as well as an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and a career biography DVD.

Sting was one of the superstars WWE failed to sign after purchasing WCW and all of its assets. While many superstars were unsigned, the two Vince McMahon and WWE were keen on were Sting and Goldberg. The latter eventually signed in 2003, while Sting signed with TNA in 2003 before becoming full-time with the company in 2005.

The past few years have had Sting sign one-year contracts with TNA, which leads to speculation every year around Wrestlemania as to whether “The Stinger” would join the WWE.

WWE and wrestling fans of “The Attitude Era” would be in for a treat and a proper ending for the TNA Hall-of-Famer’s career. Sting was like the girl that got away in high school for WWE, and to have him join the company would almost be like full closure for the Monday Night Wars.

If “The Icon” has indeed signed his legends contract, I don’t expect a Wrestlemania return this year, but definitely between the first Raw after Wrestlemania and the first PPV after, Extreme Rules.

A one-year contract would build enough time for fans to get excited about the future WWE Hall-of-Famer, and no doubt you have to think he would take on Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 in Santa Clara, California, just 40 miles outside Sting’s hometown. A Sting/Taker match would be a dream come true for fans and will most certainly be a big draw.